Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in a sunroom? 
How do other homeowners use their sunroom?
Sunroom vs. Conventional Room Addition
Do sunrooms add value to my home?
Where do I find a good quality sunroom dealer?
What type of glass should be installed in a sunroom?
What questions should I ask when a sunroom designer comes for an appointment in my home?

  1. Why should I invest in a sunroom? 

    A three-season or year-round sunroom gives you the added space within your home that you have been looking for.  You can use the sunroom for relaxation, entertainment, or even a place to do your crafts.  Plus, a sunroom adds that extra value to your home, making it stand out from others - and more attractive to prospective buyers when it comes time to sell.

    Sunroom Addition

  2. How do other homeowners use their sunroom?

    There are many different uses for a sunroom, including

    • Family Room
    • Retreat/Relaxation Room
    • Breakfast Room
    • Entertainment Room
    • Library/Study
    • Playroom for your children or grandchildren
    • Reading Room
    • Exercise Room
    • Workplace Area
    • Game Room

    There are endless possibilities. You can make a sunroom your own paradise.

  3. Sunroom vs. Conventional Room Addition

    Many sunrooms owners say that their sunroom is their favorite room in their home.  A sunroom is designed to be an enjoyable outdoor living space inside the comfort of your home.  Because a sunroom tends to feel like you are outdoors, it is not just the typical room added to your home. 

    With a sunroom, you don’t have the disruption to your home that comes with conventional construction. The construction of a sunroom lasts as little as a week - with as limited mess as possible.

  4. Do sunrooms add value to my home?

    Many homeowners that sell their home say that their sunroom was one of the reasons that their home sold quickly.  With an addition of a sunroom, most homeowners see a return on their investment.  Aside from being a good investment, many homeowners experience their sunroom as somewhere to relax, de-stress, and to get away.

    Studio Sunroom

  5. Where do I find a good quality sunroom dealer?

    To find referrals, ask around the neighborhood to see if anyone has recently added a sunroom to their home.  This is a great way to see a sunroom and to ask how they use the sunroom.  It is also an excellent time to find out about the company and how their installation crew treated the construction site.

    Other ways to find a credible company is to ask questions during your appointment:

    • Asks for references to be able to see examples of their work, quality of materials, and workmanship
    • Make sure the company has current licenses
    • Find out the history of the company
    • Ask about the company’s financing options
    • The company should provide the full price of the project during the initial appointment
    • Ask whether the company has their own installation crew or uses subcontractors
    • Make sure that the owner or the installation manager makes regular visits to the site during the installation process
    • Ask about the communication process -  how the company contacts their customers if there are delays or any changes to the project
    • Make sure the company provides a complete inspection and walk through of the finish product
    • The company should answer all of your questions with educated answers and should obtain building permits and schedule all required inspections
    • Ask about the company’s warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty

  6. What type of glass should be installed in a sunroom?

    Think about how you will design your sunroom and how you plan on using it before choosing the type of glass that is best for you.  Tempered glass is the safest glass and is used on all Aristocrat Sunrooms windows and doors. Instead of shattering into sharp pieces like regular glass, tempered glass, if broken, crumbles into tiny, safe pebble-like pieces.  Also during your design consultation, a decision should be made as to whether you want your doors and windows to have insulated glass.  Insulated glass provides more protection from the heat and the cold, and minimizes condensation.  A sealed air pocket between the inner and outer panes blocks the flow of heat and cold.  But if you plan to use your sunroom mainly during the warm weather months, single pane glass may be the better – and more cost effective option. Ask about Low-E glass, as well.   Your Aristocrat design consultant will help you consider the best options for your home and family.

    Raised Sunroom

  7. What questions should I ask when a sunroom designer comes for an appointment in my home?
    • Why should I choose a sunroom over a conventional room addition?
    • Why should I do business with your company?
    • Why are you the best at what you do?
    • What percentage of your business is sunrooms?
    • Tell me about the company that manufactures the material for my sunroom.
    • What type of warranty do you and the manufacturer provide?
    • What is the process for obtaining a building permit?
    • What size sunrooms are available?
    • How long will it take to build my sunroom?
    • Are your installers employees or are they subcontractors? Do you carry workers’ compensation and liability insurance?
    • Who trained your installation crew?
    • How many rooms have your crews built?
    • Is there a sunroom that your company recently built that I can see?
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