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What You Should Know Before Buying a Sunroom

Sunroom Addition

Deciding to add a sunroom to your home is a big commitment.  To make the decision easier, below are some items to consider:

  1. See a Sunroom in Person: Visit the dealer's showroom or ask the dealer to take you to visit a sunroom already installed in your area.  Seeing a full sized room in person gives you an idea of how to create your room.
  2. Compare Costs: Sunrooms should always be priced after a thorough consultation appointment.  Most sunrooms are customized to your needs and your home.  Watch out for contractors who give you a price over the phone.  Most of the time they are hiding the true costs of a sunroom.
  3. Handles for Doors and Windows: You want your sunroom to be the most used room in your home.  So you want to make sure you have strong and easy-to-use color-matched handles with mortise locks that last longer and look better on your sunroom.  Screen handles should be full sized and well fastened.
  4. National Electric Code (NEC) Compliant: You want your home to be safe, right?  Watch out for contractors who consider electricity as an afterthought.  Electricity should be talked about during your sunroom design consultation.
  5. Ask About Insurance: Many contractors don’t want to bear the cost of workers’ compensation insurance, so they cut corners and hire subcontractors.  If a worker gets injured on your property, you could swallow a huge cost of liability and the original sunroom cost.  Always ask about the company’s insurance! More importantly, make them show you a valid Certificate of Insurance.
  6. Subcontractors: Make sure you ask if any subcontractors will work on a portion of the project.  If so, be sure that they are fully insured and your sunroom dealer stands behind their work.
  7. Get The Right Permits and Necessary Inspections: These vary from city to city, and your contractor/dealer will know what steps to take to obtain permits and schedule inspections. You can contact your local building department to see how long the process takes. If the contractor/dealer tells you that permits aren't neessary, it's likely not true and without a permit, you might not be able to sell your house in the future.
  8. Warranties: What if something happens to your sunroom after it is completed?  Are you covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, the dealer’s warranty, or both?  How long do each of those last?  What do they consist of?  Ask about the warranty that dealers give for service in the future.  Also, make sure you know what the manufacturer’s warranties are on the parts used in your sunroom.
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